Thursday, 30 October 2014

Super Scary Movies For Halloween

I've not been shy about my love of a good horror film. It bugs me that there is never a decent horror film on TV for Halloween. I'm not a huge fan of the Zombie films as I think there is nothing much more they can dig out and make new with them. I've just finished watching The Walking Dead and I've not been that impressed with it to be honest. I'm more of a slasher, blood and gore type of horror fan. So I've done my top list of what I will be watching again from tomorrow. In the sense of horror films they really don't scare me at all anymore. The only film I have never liked is Stephen Kings IT, that clown creeps me out and I'm quite a fan of clowns, Twisty from American Horror Story is pretty awesome.

Hellraiser - " We have such sights to show you" 
Pinhead really makes this film, with the creepy box that is the gateway to hell which let's them out to go on a rampage as there greatest pleasure is the greatest pain.

Saw - " Want to play a game" 
The first saw is fantastic it really was a breath of fresh air for the horror genre. You can almost relate to how Jigsaws mind works, as we do take our lives for granted.

House Of 1000 Corpses - " Goddam Motherf@@@@r got blood all over my best clown suit"
Ok this is a bit of a strange and weird film but its one you have to watch at least once. Two couples bump into a bunch of strange murderous people and they try and survive in the house if 1000 corpses and its dark secrets.

Fright Night ( Original) - " I am Peter Vincent vampire killer" 
I really hated the remake it was awful the first was so much better. Two strange men move next door  & there behaviour doesn't  go unnoticed as soon they realise that his next door neighbour is a vampire.

The Lost Boys - " Great the bloodsucking Brady bunch"
 This was the first vampire film I ever watched and its still one of my firm favourites. After moving in to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is full of vampires.

Halloween - " You have got to believe me officer he is coming to Haddonfield" 
This one had to be added as it is a Halloween post. Mr Myers is a classic horror symbol isn't he.

Nightmare On Elm Street - " One, Two Freddy's coming for you"
Freddy the spring wood slasher who was burned alive by the parents of the children he killed. Comes back when you fall asleep in your nightmares.

The Ring -  " Everyone will suffer"
Ok so this was pretty creepy, I actually didn't turn my tv back on for a day after watching this. A cursed video does its rounds, after you watch it you receive a phone call and you will die in seven days.

House Of Wax (Remake) - " It is wax, like Literally" 
This is a bit is a cheese low budget film but I liked the uniqueness of a wax museum with real human exhibits.

Candyman - "  They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What's blood if its not for shedding? " 
 I was an evil sister that used to scare my little sis,  by saying Candyman in the mirror.  I think I scared her for life. Candyman who is a myth if you say his name 5 times he will appear.

Hostel - Ok I couldn't remember a quote for this one, well one that stuck out for me anyway. This is pretty the best film that has blood and guts in it, a couple of parts have made me wince so I know its pretty bad. A few backpackers arrive it Amsterdam and stumble across a weird hostel where together are taken to be bided off to clients to perform there gruesome fantasies

So what is your favourite scary movie?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mini Round Up #1

I thought I would put a mini round up review of a few products I have received the last few weeks. I thought it would be nice to put a few together so you can read about a few products on one post.

E45 Hand cream

I'm a member of BzzAgent which is a site that gives you free items and samples for your honest feedback which can include photos, write ups, tweets and videos. I've only done one campaign this year so I was happy when I got an email for the E45 hand cream campaign. I use hand cream all throughout the year, I love trying out new ones. I was sent the normal & overnight hand cream, plus some samples to give to family and friends.

The hand cream itself is really nice there is a slight creamy scent but it is fragrance free. The cream is quite thick and and does take a while to absorb, so you really only need a tiny bit to do the whole of you're hands otherwise it leaves them very greasy. It does leave a bit of a barrier on your hands to keep them moisturised. I am amazed with the results in just over week. My hands are so smooth and soft.

RRP - £3.99

Zoflora Limited Edition Warm Cinnamon Disinfectant

I'm a massive fan of the cinnamon smell but I really don't like the overpowering taste of it. I don't generally mind it but when there is loads of it I'm a bit put off. I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my bathroom and kitchen floors. I actually steam mop my floor, then bleach my floor and go over it again with a disinfectant. I'm not sure when or how this started but I'm very fussy about my floors. It just has to be done that way three times a week. I'm already a massive fan of Zoflora and my favourite is the Lavender scent.

I do love changing the scents to match the season so I was very excited to try the Warm Cinnamon scent. I love how Zoflora is pretty strong and how it lingers after you have used it.  This powerful concentrated antibacterial disinfectant liquid not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but also contains a powerful odour elimination ingredient and beautiful long lasting fragrance leaving your home hygienically clean and fresh.

I've added some and diluted it in a spray bottle so my bathroom and surfaces are smelling super great at the moment perfect for the Christmas season approaching. I think maybe they should bring out a gingerbread scent how fantastic would that smell.

RRP- £2.85

SuperPhoto Book

I'm one of them parents that has hundreds of photos stuck on the computer. I love taking photos and creating memories but I'm not very good at printing them out. I like the idea of photo-books as they are simple and easy to store. I've got a few so far and I like picking and choosing what pictures to add in. SuperPhoto asked me to review one of their photo 20 x 15 books.

The website was easy to use, the photos took a quite to upload. I've had this with every book I've done I'm not sure if its better to upload a few pictures at a time rather that 20+ in one go. The book itself is a hardback book which has 24 pages in, then a picture for the front and back.

 You can choose a leather or linen cover which comes in a array of different colours. All books are printed on 200gsm weighted paper and you can have from 24 to 150 pages with different sized books. They also come in square, landscape and portrait. You can add text to the front cover so it would be great for a present or as a keepsake.

Some of the photos was a little grainy and I'm not sure why as quite of the pictures was from  Nikon camera. The front cover also has a dent from the packing tape which was around it which is a little disappointing.

RRP- £9.99

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Disney On Ice - 100 Years Of Magic Review

I still get blown away with some of the opportunities we receive. The ones that mean the most are the ones we go to places we generally wouldn't be able to. With the OH working all day and most the night. Weekends we try and make the most of family time making memories together. We went to Disney on Ice a few years ago before Lexie was born, so I've been itching to take her as well. Both the kids are crazy about Disney and to see the characters come to life is truly amazing. We went to the NIA in Birmingham on Saturday for the 11.00am show. 

The celebration as 65 of Disney's unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic! You'll be captivated by the one and only Mickey Mouse, the irresistible Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and all the Disney Princesses.

The costumes were amazing and even though they were skater outfits with lots of bling, you knew from what they was wearing who they were supposed to be. We really enjoyed the moments from Aladdin, Mulan, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, The Lion King, Pinocchio & Toy Story. They did a mini intro and songs from the film, so it was a chance for the kids to watch and sing along. My daughter enjoyed the princesses and princes bit, where they all come on and skate together in pairs with the famous songs from the film. The show itself is mesmerising the effects, the stage and set up are truly fantastic. 

The kids loved the finding Nemo section where the skaters were dressing up as the fish and sharks, it was visually eye catching and pretty cool. It was nice to see some of the films that my kids have got on DVD but don't watch very often like Pinocchio, Mulan, Aladdin and The Lion King. 

My only bugbear was the price of the food and drink. £10 per drink which did come in a nice cup to keep and £5.50 per bag of popcorn, again came in a reusable canvas bag. So two drinks and popcorn cost us £31. 

The show was fantastic from start to finish, the kids are still talking about it today and they have dug all the old DVDs to watch. It’s great for a family treat as a day out. The show itself isn't that long but the kids was hooked from start to finish. 

Prices start from £15.50 per person and the show is still touring till January. Click Here for shows and times.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Rocky Road

Make a simple Halloween rocky road this half term.

What you will need :

135g butter
2-3 tsps of maple syrup
200g milk chocolate
200g Digestive biscuits
100g  mini marshmallows
Sweets for decoration.

Makes about 12 slices

Put the biscuits in a freezer bag & use roiling pin to crush until they are in small pieces.

Melt butter, maple syrup and chocolate in a saucepan on a low heat. Add in biscuits and marshmallows and stir until they are covered in chocolate.

Pour mixture into a square tin, lined with greaseproof paper. Add the sweets on top and drizzle melted chocolate over.

Place in fridge and leave to set for about 2/3 hours. When ready cut into slices and serve.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Limited Edition Range From Tesco

At the moment all my candles are summer candles, I think its nice to keep in with the season with them, now with the later nights too. Some of the flowery candles have really set my hay-fever off this year, so I think I'm going to try and ditch the floral ones next year.

Tesco have brought out some lovely limited edition Christmasy scents Winter spice and Fruity frosted berries in a array of different products, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, bleach, candles & diffusers. I'm a huge fan of candles and I do burn them every night, so I was very excited to try the new fruity frosted berries candle.

The frosted berries candle has up to 30 hours burn time and comes in a simple and elegant dome shaped glass pot. The packing and pretty simple with just a paper case. The scent is really nice it has a mixture of fruity and spicy notes with one wick to light. The wax has stayed white and isn't discolored so far. The scent does linger and its a real pleasant smell for the candle.

RRP- £2.50

I also received a reed diffuser in the fruity frosted berries scent, I don't normally buy reed diffusers. I know the last one I had gave me such a headache it was so strong I've been a bit put off with them.  The diffuser scent is just like the candle and comes in a simple glass bottle with see though liquid. The scent isn't overly strong its only when you get closer you can smell it. I think its definitely a very light scent and I've been swapping the ends of the reeds. The little pot lasts up yo six weeks perfect for the festive season ahead.

RRP- £4 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Look Though My Letterbox

I've had a great week for wins again this week. I've not done more competitions this week as I've been ill, but I'm hoping to get back into them next week ( if I can with it being half term eeekkk).


Original source shower gel

Sofia tiara set - Lexie already has one so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Selection of nibs nibs from a blog competition

Birmingham food card when used you get specials deals and money off

Crafts for Christmas tickets


Method cleaning products


Viva Boxes

Baylis And Harding goodies


Billy Pop vinyl - These are my new love I got Jason in my geek box last week. Saw is one of my favourite films so i had to get Billy the puppet.

Alice Megan

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Real Effect Blogger Competition

For over 20 years, the charismatic character of The Real Effect has re-shaped the Jewellery industry. With their delicately hand crafted details, tried and tested methods date back across generations of silversmiths, with gorgeous pieces to suit every budget.

Some of you know I got engaged last year, my fiancé proposed in a truly unique way with this beautiful charm bracelet. Without sounding like a total spoilt brat, I do miss not having the traditional ring to go with it.

I would love something with a bit of colour like this Solitaire ring, with a beautiful blue sapphire set stone and split shoulders. The love the shape and the spilt shoulders really sets the ring off and makes it noticeable.

RRP- £57.10

The next item I chose was this stunning necklace which has a four leaf clover and horseshoe. This sterling silver pendant is beautiful and really caught my eye. I'm a huge fan of competitions so I thought this would be perfect to suit my personally and my hobby.

RRP - £69.50